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Welcome to the Bangalow Blue Dogs

We are one of the district’s oldest, largest and most successful soccer clubs. We field male and female teams of all ages (5 to 55+) and provide players with equitable, enjoyable and competitive opportunities to play team sport, be healthy and foster friendships.

2022 season

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2022 season


Date KO Field / Grade Bangalow Visitors
01/07/2200:05Washed Out  (Men's League 4)BangalowLismore Thistles
02/07/2209:00JSF  (Grade 15 Div. 1)BangalowBallina
02/07/2209:00Bang3  (Grade 9 Milligan)BangalowLennox Great Whites
02/07/22BYEBYE (Girls Grade 6/7 Simon)BangalowBYE
02/07/2209:00Bang4  (Grade 6 Ryan)Bangalow BluedogsByron Pumas
02/07/2209:00Bang4  (Grade 7 Cahill)Bangalow BeaglesBangalow Puppies
02/07/2209:00Bang5  (Grade 11 Jedinak)BangalowAlstonville Crocodiles
02/07/2209:00Bang3  (Grade 8 Jedinak)Bangalow BluedogsByron Panthers
02/07/2210:00Bang4  (Grade 6 Ryan)Bangalow BeaglesByron Cougars
02/07/2210:00Bang4  (Grade 6 Emerton)Bangalow BulldogsBangalow Puppies
02/07/2210:00Bang3  (Grade 8 Jedinak)Bangalow DingoesBangalow Puppies
02/07/2210:10Bang5  (Grade 10 Kewell)Bangalow BeaglesLennox Bluesharks
02/07/2210:30JSF  (Grade 13 Div. 2 North)Bangalow Uki Pythons
02/07/2211:20Bang5  (Grade 10 Kewell)Bangalow Bluedogs Lennox Makos
03/07/2209:30JSF  (Grade 12 Div. 2 North)Bangalow Ballina
03/07/2211:00JSF  (Girls Grade 12)Bangalow Shores United
03/07/2212:30JSF  (Women's League 5)BangalowGoonellabah
03/07/2214:30JSF  (Men's League 7)BangalowKyogle
2022 season

Latest News

Club working BEE

A reminder of the club working bee this Saturday at 10am. Weather permitting Gear needed: Gurneys Stepladder/ladder Wheelbarrows Gloves Brooms Jobs to be done: Zip tie all nets to goals Clean up flood debris Remove irrelevant sponsor signs Clean and gurney dugouts Clean and gurney spectator stands Replace clothes s line JSF CLEAN AND GURNEY DRESSING ROOMS Clean and organise canteen

Dear Families

All coaches have been given their team list for the 2022 season and will make contact with parents regarding training commencement. Games are due to commence on the last weekend in April, however this will be determined by Zone office and we will keep you informed as soon as information comes through to the club. Parents of teams without coaches have also been sent an email, indicating the situation. All but 3 of our 17 junior coaches are parents who have put their hand up to coach this season, so if you’re a parent of a child without a coach, it would be appreciated if you could talk among people in your social group on who may be able to take on the role. This will mean that your child’s training can commence as soon as possible. Teams cannot train without a coach. Once your child does commence training, boots and shin pads are required. Your child can train in any shorts or socks, however on game days they will need to wear black shorts and blue socks. Socks can be purchased from the canteen on Thursday 21 April and Thursday 28 April during training.

Pre-season Registration

The registration process is managed by Football Far North Coast. Each year registrations open on 1st February and close once we nominate our teams with FFNC.

Most school age NSW students are eligible for a $100 Active Kids voucher. Make sure you apply for the voucher before commencing registration.

Late Registration

After team nomination registration is still possible by appointment. The approximate dates for team nominations are:

  • Mid February Senior ANZAC Day Cup & Callan McMillan Teams
  • Early March Senior Point Score Teams (Age 19+)
  • Early March Youth Point Score Teams (Age 12 to 18)
  • Late March Junior MiniRoo Teams (Age 5 to 11)

If you are interested in making a late registration contact us at

Training times vary depending upon the competition:

    • Women’s and Men’s Premier League: Early-January
    • Men’s Championship League: Early-January
    • Women’s League 3 and 4 (Age 16+): Mid-January
    • Men’s League 4 and 7 (Age 19+): Mid-January
    • Juniors Youth (Age 12 to 18) Refer Coach
    • Kids MiniRoo (Age 5 to 11) Refer Coach

Prior to commencement of team-based pre-season training many of our senior women’s and men’s players have a social “kick-around” on Thursday from 6 to 7pm. Registration is not required to take part during this phase.

If you’d like to join in, just come along or Email for details.


52 Years and Still Kicking!

It’s our 52nd year and our eyes are on rebooting by:

  • bringing Sport back to the Bangalow Township through: 
    • “Dogs Day Out” a fun-filled micro festival for the community at home games with music, activities and food; and the
    • “Blue Dogs” supporters club; 
  • top quality Men’s and Women’s Premier and Championship teams
  • Premier League coaching for Youth, Teens, Girls-Only and Kids teams
  • putting a spotlight on:
    • Women’s soccer; and
    • lifelong competitive sport (5 to 55+) for better health and friendships

Our Sponsors

These Community Minded Businesses are helping the Blue Dogs to benefit Bangalow by:

  • teaching our children and teens about teamwork and community and to be healthy and fit.
  • providing men and women with equitable opportunities to keep physically active, healthy, fit and build friendships.
  • Bringing spectators into Bangalow township.
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