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Wet Procedures

For weekend games the club looks to decide as early as possible. A field inspection is generally undertaken on a Friday and if it is decided the pitches are not fit to use, the club notifies FFNC who inform all the away clubs, referees etc. Bangalow SC will put a message our website and/or FaceBook Page as to the status of the fields.

If there is substantial rain on a Friday night an additional pitch inspection is undertaken at 7.00am on Saturday morning with a decision made by 7:30am. Again if the fields are unsuitable then a message will be posted on the Bangalow SC website and/or FaceBook page. We then have the task of notifying all coaches, opposition clubs, referees, Football Far North Coast and canteen helpers. We will also endeavour to text the coach of each team to notify them.

It is the responsibility of coaches and parents to look at the website or FaceBook page and to then notify the rest of their teams players/parents.

Away Games

It is the responsibility of the away club to notify the nominated member of Bangalow SC of any ground closures as soon as they are known. If this is on a Friday prior to 12pm then it is posted on the FFNC website and we endeavour to put a message on our website also. It is the responsibility of coaches to look at these websites for updates. If the fields are closed on a Saturday morning then Bangalow SC will notify the coach of the respective team(s) affected. It is then the coach who is responsible of notifying their team.


A message is posted on our website if the fields are closed, generally no later than 3pm. Can we ask coaches to check the website before proceeding with training at the grounds. Please obey these messages and as you are not insured if you use the fields when they are closed and you are likely to ruin the fields and hence enjoyment of others.

We understand the uncertainty that is created when it’s wet and you’re not sure if the grounds are open or not. We endeavour to communicate as early as possible through our website and FaceBook page and these are updated on a regular basis.

Please remember that the committee have full time jobs and family to attend to so if you text, ring or email us we may not respond in a timely fashion so please look at the website or Facebook page in the first instance.

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